5 Best Opening Moves in Chess For Black

When playing with the Black pieces, it is highly recommended that you are aware of the best moves to counter White’s first move.

Because white goes first, black openings are often called “defenses” though many of these (like the Sicilian Defense) can also be quite aggressive in their own right.

So here are the 5 best Chess opening moves when you’re playing Black pieces!

1.) The Sicilian Defense

This is the most common response to White’s 1.e4 moves. You start by advancing your pawn to 1…c5. By advancing the c-pawn at the first move, Black controls the important d4-square.

2.) The Caro-Kann Defense

The Caro-Kann Defense is one of the few defenses in chess where black can reach equality in the main line and many people would consider black to have a better position, especially in the end game when the main line is played out.

3.) Petrov Defense

It is one of the more popular opening games with GMs because of its generally drawish tendencies with a reputation of being an equal and solid defense.

4.) King’s Indian Defense

The main idea for Black is to give up his central control and allow White to expand his control of the board while Black develops a solid defensive position that is hard to break up.

5.) The Scandinavian Defense

This is is a creative and interesting option against 1.e4, the most popular first move for White in chess. Black challenges the center right from the first move with 1..d5. The only good move for White is to take this pawn.

Statistically speaking, White has a higher winning percentage against all of Black’s openings. Therefore even higher-rated players, when playing as Black, would often agree to a quick draw against lower-rated opponents.

However as Mikhail Tal, the Chess legend, said: “To play for a draw, at any rate with White, is to some degree a crime against chess.”

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