The Queen's Gambit Opening

How to Play Queen’s Gambit In Chess

The Queen’s Gambit is probably the most popular gambit and one of the oldest opening in chess. The Queen’s Gambit happens when the following moves are played: d4 d5 c4 The objective... Read more »

How to Play The London System Chess Opening

The London System is a great chess opening for beginner players. White can quickly develops the dark square bishop which usually is a very underutilized minor piece. It usually arises after 1.d4... Read more »

How to Play Petrov Defense In Chess

The Petrov Defense, also known as a Russian Game, is a chess opening characterized by the moves: e4 e5 Nf3 Nf6 The opening got its name from Alexander Petrov, a Russian chess... Read more »

How to Play The Scandinavian Defense In Chess

The Scandinavian Defense is a chess opening that is characterized by the moves: e4 d5. The idea: Black tries to challenge the center right from the first move, using his Queen pawn.... Read more »

How to Play King’s Indian Defense In Chess

The Kings Indian Defense is one of the most solid hypermodern defenses in chess. The main idea for Black is to give up his central control for a solid defensive position that... Read more »