Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Learn how to play chess the Bobby Fischer way with the fastest, most efficient, most enjoyable method ever devised. Whether you’re just learning the game or looking for more complex strategies, these practice problems and exercises will help you master the art of the checkmate.

Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set

This 15 inch wooden chess set features a beautiful walnut inlay playing surface, with interior straps for holding in the pieces. The pieces also have felted bottoms to protect from scratching the surface area. The King piece stands 3" tall, with the game squares measuring 1.625" x 1.625"

Chess Fundamentals by Jose Capablanca

Jose Raul Capablanca y Graupera (1888-1942) was a Cuban chess player who was world chess champion from 1921 to 1927. A chess prodigy, he is considered by many as one of the greatest players of all time, widely renowned for his exceptional endgame skill and speed of play.

KIDAMI Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Well-crafted chess pieces and chess board with the unique wood texture both give you a classic aesthetics feeling and smooth hand feeling. Made from premium durable plastic, owing to slight magnetic design, the pieces can safely stick to board but not hard to move pieces.

Life & Games of Mikhail Tal

Mikhail Tal, the 'magician from Riga,' was the greatest attacking World Champion of them all, and this enchanting autobiography chronicles his extraordinary career with charm and humor.

Logical Chess Move by Move By Irving Chernev

Irving Chernev was a chess player and prolific Russian-American chess author. He wrote more than 20 chess books.