How to Play King’s Gambit In Chess

The King’s Gambit is a chess opening that belongs to the field of open games. The possibilities the opening presents have intrigued the greatest chess minds for years including greats such as... Read more »

How to Play The Scandinavian Defense In Chess

The Scandinavian Defense is a chess opening that is characterized by the moves: e4 d5. The idea: Black tries to challenge the center right from the first move, using his Queen pawn.... Read more »
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How to Play The London System Chess Opening

The London System is a great chess opening for beginner players. White can quickly develops the dark square bishop which usually is a very underutilized minor piece. It usually arises after 1.d4... Read more »

How to Play The Danish Gambit Opening

The Danish Gambit is one of the most aggressive openings chess opening where White sacrifices a few pawns in order to gain time and launch an early attack on Black. The Danish... Read more »