7 Basic Principles of Opening Moves in Chess

A good Chess opening move will gain you advantage in the early game and also lays the foundation for your middle game. Many beginner players memorize the first few most popular opening... Read more »
The Queen's Gambit Opening

How to Play Queen’s Gambit In Chess

The Queen’s Gambit is probably the most popular gambit and one of the oldest opening in chess. The Queen’s Gambit happens when the following moves are played: d4 d5 c4 The objective... Read more »
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5 Best Opening Moves in Chess For Black

When playing with the Black pieces, it is highly recommended that you are aware of the best moves to counter White’s first move. Because white goes first, black openings are often called... Read more »

Behind The Scenes Of The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

On October 23, 2020 Netflix released The Queen’s Gambit miniseries based on Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel of the same name. The series became the most watched series of the day on Netflix.... Read more »

How to Play The Ruy Lopez Opening In Chess

The Ruy Lopez is a very popular chess opening played at the highest levels of chess. It also called the Spanish Opening or Spanish Game. The Ruy Lopez is named after 16th-century... Read more »